One of major challenges in human civilization is a steady supply of food; include high nutritional value, secondary metabolites, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Nowadays, this challenge has been changed to be a global challenge. In dealing with that challenge, innovative life science technologies (agricultural, medical and other basic life science) can be used to create new crops, generate innovation, and develop the technology themselves. 

We realized that natural of innovation and technology in agricultural, medical, and other basic life science were started with research. Conducting many researches related to the challenges is very important.  Since it is considered to be a global challenge, the challenge must be solved globally.  For that purpose, we need to build strong collaboration between institutions concerning on it.  Development of Indonesia, historically, can not be separated from international collaboration in research with other research institutions and universities overseas.  Through these collaborations, we became able to improve our capacity in doing research.  Collaboration provides us with high opportunity to share ideas, opinions, information, and materials.  This proved that in natural, knowledge has no frontiers. 

As an agronomist and horticulturist who lives in a tropical and developing country, this phenomena give me inspiration and motivation to participate in any effort to improve human health and well being through enough supply of high quality food.  The effort should not only emphasize on feeding the world, but also that on nourishing and flourishing.  I’ve already brought that vision in my mind.  Therefore, I conduct researches related to that.  However, I realized that I’m still young and provided with talent given by the God.  I need more chance to improve my skill and ability in performing researches toward my vision.  I need more experience in research and knowledge which can be provided by PhD program and research programs. Based on that, INDOSOL program is good opportunity for me. So, undoubtly I’m highly motivated to join this program.  This program will make possible for me to improve my capacity in conducting high quality research, have strong collaboration with research institutes and universities abroad, expand my knowledge, get PhD degree, and take a part in great effort to improve human health and well being.   

At the first time I noticed INDOSOL project, I’ve already been attracted to the project namely Candidate genes for thrips resistance in pepper (Capsicum spp.) led by Dr. Roeland Voorrips and Dr. Agus Purwito.  According to me this project has an important role and contribution in the development of science related to pepper production and also in breeding programs.  Thrips is a major treat in the pepper production.  It cause f direct and indirect damage.  In addition, thrips was also found in other important crops and vegetables. That is the reason for the importance of this project.  To solve that problem, researches to study the interaction of pepper plant with thrips, and their components related to that must be conducted.  After the establishment of the knowledge, it can be used to perform following research and breeding program needed to create new variety tolerant to thrips, specific culture technique, and methods to eliminate thrips’ attacks. Furthermore, this project is considered to be more important for tropical country such as Indonesia.  Tropical climate provides favor condition for many living organism including those which undesirable such as insects, pathogens, viruses, etc.  Those facts strongly motivated me to join in this project.  As a researcher living in this situation, we must have concern on it. Otherwise, the objective to give people enough high quality food supply and well being can not be achieved.  I’ve conducted research related to this project, i.e. resistant to bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum, soft rot and blackleg caused by Erwinia carotovora  in potato, another kind of solanacea.  All in all, this project will open my pathway to become a high quality researcher concerning to the subject of biotic stress in important plants.


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