Education is constantly changing

In nature, education is a process designed to attribute people to be able in dealing with problems faced by society. This design, now, is well known as a curriculum. Curiculum in a study program is composed by several courses or subjects to built specific competency for student to be competence enough to solve problems occurred in society.

Problem found in society are always changing, so education is always contantly changing to follow public demands. In other words, the changing in society will affect to education process. The ways it affet generally can be divided into two ways.

First is in the content of the courses or subject in curriculum. Public needs for food, health, transportation, entertaiment, housing are very dynamic. For examples, in the past people rarely care about quality of food they ate. The important thing in that era is only on the quantity of food. Today, people aware on the quality of food the ate. Study on how to fulfil the need of food has move from quantity to quantity and quality. In the next ten years, I guest people will need more attributes from food, such as nutrition value, food safety, metobolomic compounds, etc. This affect to the curriculum of study program related to that. Curriculum will be reevaluated in order to make a matching between public demands and the subjects given in the courses.

Second is in the way to deliver a knowledge. Scince, art and technology is always changing rapidly. The changes will affect to life style of people including in the way they study. In the past, lecturers of a university usually use chalk and blackboard to give ilustration, notes, and important information to students. After that, they use overhead projector and slide projector to do that. Now, they have started to use powerpoint presentation or even internet to perform lectures to student. In this view, we can say that teaching methods will be changed dynamically.

Awang Maharijaya


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